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My Philosophy of Supervision

In order to provide effective supervision, I believe I need to create an environment that can facilitate reflection, insight and learning. My fundamental values and beliefs about supervision and supervisory relationships are centred on the quality of my supervisory relationship with the supervisee and our working alliance. The values that enable me to provide a supportive relationship are of mutual trust, respect, honesty, integrity, authenticity, transparency and empathy. I aim to maintain these values consistently in order to create a safe containing space for supervisees to be able to reflect on process, to heighten their understanding and to increase their insight.

I aim to create a solid supervisory alliance through providing an open, honest and authentic relationship in a collaborative endeavor with my supervisees. If I provide a safe learning environment that promotes trust and transparency, this in turn will enable a reflective space for my supervisees to bring their anxieties, conflicts and at times their mistakes. I aim to empower my supervisees in a safe facilitative and learning environment, by encouraging them to continuously develop their professional skills and become independent, confident and autonomous practitioners.

The ultimate objective is similar to my client work, where I aim to provide the best possible outcome for the client. In supervision my client is my supervisee and I am ultimately ensuring my supervisee is providing the best possible outcome for their client, by utilising supervision not only as a supportive and reflective space but also a formative one, where new learning and development can take place. Through providing ‘good enough’ supervision, I can enable my supervisees to grow in experience and learning and to develop as practitioners to fulfil their highest potential. Through their learning and development I too can learn and develop as a practitioner and help maintain safe and ethical practice, not only in my supervisees’ client work, but also in the wider profession.

My stance in supervision is as outlined by Landany et al (2005)

".......relational supervision's guiding principle is that supervisor and supervisee work collaboratively within each other's subjective realities, co-creating meaning from felt experience.......Transference and countertransference phenomena in supervision are seen as inevitable and mutually reinforcing.....There is no assumption that the supervisor has the Truth.....The supervisor's authority has less to do with a socially santioned role but intersubjective wisdom demonstrated in relating to the supervisee...."

Supervision. Supervision

The Student's Prayer

Don’t impose on me what you know
I want to explore the unknown
And be the source of my own discoveries
Let the known be my liberation not my slavery

The world of your truth can be my liberation
Your wisdom my negation
Don’t instruct me let’s walk together
Let my richness begin where yours ends

Show me that I can stand
On your shoulders
Reveal yourself so that I can be
Something different

You will not know who I am
By listening to yourself
Don’t instruct me, let me be
Your failure is that I be identical to you

(Quoted in Zohar and Marshal 2001)

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