What to Expect

When you first contact me we can discuss briefly what you would like to work on. You do not need to be referred by your GP; simply telephone or email me to arrange an initial meeting so we can discuss your needs. An assessment session will be arranged and this will be charged at the normal sessional rate, see Fees for more information.  

Our initial meeting will help us to determine how best to work together and whether you will benefit from hypnotherapy or from psychotherapy/counselling. During our meeting we can discuss your expectations and any concerns or questions you might have, however, there is no obligation for you to continue with the therapy thereafter. This is an opportunity for us both to experience what it might be like to work together. If you do decide to proceed we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet on a regular basis. This is usually the same day and time every week and this time slot will be reserved especially for you, so if you are unable to keep your appointment a cancellation charge may apply. Please be aware that different fees apply depending on the location to take into account room rental

During our sessions you will be able to explore any emotional difficulties and to gain better self-awareness, enabling you to bring about positive changes in your life and your behaviour and help you to attain your goals. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.


How I work to unlock your potential

My way of working is constructed from my main theoretical influences and other key ideas which are central to my my values and beliefs.   From birth and throughout our early years, the quality of care received from our primary caregivers will have a direct bearing on the quality of our mental health and our emotional resilience. The quality of our relationship with others will strongly impact our relationships with others and our relationship with ourselves and can have a positive or negative effect on our sense of self.  Our ability to deal with stress or trauma in later life will be strongly influenced by the security of our early attachment relationships.   These early relationships help us construct our internal self structures and strongly impact our ability to regulate our emotional stability and help us to deal effectively with adversity.   

Developmental theories with a key emphasis on the responsiveness and attunement of the child’s primary care givers, together with the environmental impact on the developing self, form the foundations of my way of working.  These foundations underpin the therapeutic relationship too, as just as relationships have derailed the emerging sense of self, so too can they help to heal and repair the injured self through the attunement and responsive of the therapist. Therefore, my model for practising psychotherapy is both developmental and relational.

I help clients understand their own personal journey and how their experiences in life and relationships shape their perceptions and self beliefs.  It is possible to recondition our inner dialogue to enable a stronger sense of self, improve our self confidence and help us to realise our goals and achieve our full potential.  I help my clients understand their past experiences and move forward, allowing them the possibility to design their futures the way they want them to be.  

The best way to predict the future is to create it


Bernadette Musker

UKCP Registered
Integrative Psychotherapist
Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist

Member College of
Sexual & Relationship Therapists

Tel: 07952 658 494

07952 658 494