I have now undertaken training in Clinical Supervision and offer this at my private practice in Esher.  Please call me to discuss your requirements and availability.  

In order to provide effective supervision, I believe I need to create an environment that can facilitate reflection, insight and learning. My fundamental values and beliefs about supervision and supervisory relationships are centred on the quality of my supervisory relationship with the supervisee and our working alliance. The values that enable me to provide a supportive relationship are of mutual trust, respect, honesty, integrity, authenticity, transparency and empathy. I aim to maintain these values consistently in order to create a safe containing space for supervisees to be able to reflect on process, to heighten their understanding and to increase their insight. 

My stance in supervision is as outlined by Landany et al (2005)

".......relational supervision's guiding principle is that supervisor and supervisee work collaboratively within each other's subjective realities, co-creating meaning from felt experience.......Transference and countertransference phenomena in supervision are seen as inevitable and mutually reinforcing.....There is no assumption that the supervisor has the Truth.....The supervisor's authority has less to do with a socially santioned role but intersubjective wisdom demonstrated in relating to the supervisee...."


Bernadette Musker

UKCP Registered
Integrative Psychotherapist
Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist

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Sexual & Relationship Therapists
Tel: 07952 658 494

07952 658 494