Which therapy is right for me?

During your initial consultation we will discuss which approach is best suited for your particular needs.


Do I need a Drs referral or can I self refer?

It is not necessary to have a Drs referral to attend counselling/therapy.


Do you accept referrals from Employee Assistance Programmes?

Yes, but not all so please inform me which EAP you are working with.


How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on which approach is used, hypnotherapy is more of a short term approach and as such, the number of sessions will depend on your response and also your particular issue. Some issues, e.g., stop smoking, nail biting and some phobias can be treated in one or two sessions. If you decide to attend for regular counselling/therapy sessions, then the duration will be discussed and agreed between us. This agreement is reviewed regularly and is also dependent on the progress that is being achieved during the therapy.


What if I can't come to my appointment?

If you cannot attend your appointment, you should let me know as soon as possible, or a cancellation charge will apply.  I will keep a regular slot available for you if we agree to work together.  As I cannot offer this time to anyone else, if you cannot make the appointment and do not give me at least 48 hours notice, I will charge the full session fee for a missed appointment.   Holidays are not charged, however, if you are not attending regularly, it may be necessary to change your appointment time to a time which is less popular.  Evening appointment times are particularly popular and there is less availability, but daytime slots are less popular and there is more availability.


What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

You continue to hear all that is going on around you and are fully aware of your situation. Your mind and your awareness increases but in a relaxed way.


Can I be hypnotised against my will?

No! The client has to be a willing participant in the process. The Hypnotherapist acts as a navigator, but you are always the driver!


Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, but only if they want to


Will I be aware of what is going on?

Yes. You are not unconscious, simply in a dreamy, relaxed state in which you can hear everything that is being said and you are aware of your surroundings.


Is it safe?

Absolutely! You enter Hypnosis via a deep relaxation technique and are brought out in a safe and controlled way. Unlike many orthodox medicines, there are no negative side effects!


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07952 658 494